100 Mowserized Sites!


Miker just posted to the Mowser Blog a list of the first 100 sites that have mobilized via Mowser - using the WordPress plugin and domain mapping. Very exciting! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to go mobile using Mowser!

Hey, do you have a blog? Is it mobile? According to Feedburner I've got 3,000+ subscribers, and I bet a majority of you have a blog or some sort of personal website, and yet obviously not many of you are using Mowser. What gives!?!

Go check out your logs... how many phones do you see? How many times do you see "Google Wireless Transcoder" as the User-agent? Why not give those readers a treat and redirect them to Mowser instead? Comment here or email if you have any questions, and I'll personally help you get started.



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