Good morning. Ugh. I'm dead. My body clock has abandoned all rhyme or reason... I hate lying in bed awake during the middle of the night. I hate the whole sensation when you're TRYING to go to sleep. Then I hate that alarm at 9:00 a.m the next morning - an hour later than it should be - and feeling like you're rising from a coma. I hate the tired sensation I have all day after getting less than 4 hours sleep. A little headache too. Ugh.

Melatonin is illegal here in Spain. God knows why. You can buy it by the jug in the U.S. in the grocery store, but here it's like some hard drug like cocaine. "Not even in a pharmacy" one clerk told me. Normally when my body clock gets out of wack because of one too many nights hacking away, I just pop a melatonin pill at 11:00 for a couple nights and I'm back to normal. I ran out of my supply a few months ago and asking for it at the local health food store was met with mean stares and head-shaking. So that means it'll be a week or more until I'm back on a schedule. Joy.

Actually, my parents and my brother fly out from Boston and L.A. to visit us next week. Should be fun - tiring, but fun. They're here for the week to see their grandchild/nephew, Spain and for the baptism (my wife's thing, not mine). They came out last year for the wedding, but didn't have much time for site-seeing. This time should be a bit more relaxed and fun.

And I'll get my Mom to smuggle in some Melatonin so I can get some sleep. ;-)


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