Brits aren't all bad

Here I am bitching about the Brits last night and then I arrive this morning and find a nice email from Jim Hughes about my new design and notice that Simon posted a link to my AmazAgent. These guys are both Brits... How bad do I feel now?

Just so it's clear, I was just trying to point out that us Americans have this horribly bad rap that we don't deserve while other English speakers seem to get off scott free. (Actually, I didn't mention the Scotts, they're great. I haven't met a Scott that I didn't like yet. They have a bad rep too and I'm not sure if I've just had good luck with the ones I've met but they've all been a riot to be around). And of course living abroad I get more than my share of comments... you get the idea. I'm just bitching, really.

Oof, my head hurts. It's not a "little" headache at all now.

To work.


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