Thanks Ugo!

Ugo congratulated me on my new web design AND announced Apache's new Xulux project. Nice... I'd really like a quicker way to do UIs using Java, but without messing with Swing... I hope the library doesn't end up being so huge as to be useless.

This is VERY strange. Do you see the links to VoodooMacine in the referrers section? My links aren't on those pages. Someone falsified their referrer URL and then hit my site? This doesn't make much sense... who? why? It's like a weird form of spam. It'll be gone in 24 hours so I won't worry about it much. Very odd though.

Working on the Journal tonight and am going to mess with this page a bit too (some of the date stuff is weird still). Oh good. That'll wack Mr. Voodoo when the page changes...


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