I'm the bozo

ugh. I cannot believe I just spent the last hour or so debugging a STUPID STUPID error in my blogging software. I had a SimpleDateFormat and instead of using HH for 24 hour time, I was using hh for 12 hour time. I noticed that permalinks were broken and that my pages were skipping a day (if you looked up Monday, you saw stuff from Tuesday, etc.) So I went in and started rewriting quieries, messing with the time, etc. and nothing was working!

The main problem is that my server's time and where I am are 7 hours apart. Which means I had to adjust everything back in time by that much in order to display the correct times on everything. One would think it would be relatively easy to say 'Give me all the posts for Monday -7 hours, and it is, if your parsing code is parsing the date correctly. It was looking for Monday mid day (because it was always 12 hour time) to Tuesday mid-day. AARRGHHH!

So I fixed it, and in doing so probably wacked ALL my permalinks because I noticed that some of the links were actually 8 hours ahead. Joy. At least the links should point to the right page and the reader can search from there... ugh.

Going to bed.


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