Spanish Blogs

I'm reading two blogs regularly now in Spanish. They're in the links on the left, Pedro Jorge Romero and Victor's Cuaderno de Bitacora (a logbook or literally the binnacle notebook - it's a word, check it out). It's great practice for me... Not that I don't get a lot of practice every day, but it's mostly verbal Spanish, work emails or news. Reading something in Spanish for fun doesn't happen often for me... I'd just rather spend my time reading in English. It's so much easier to grok something in your own language. I did read all of Harry Potter in both languages though.

Anyways, Pedro said today he's discovering what beautiful words the Spanish language contains, since he had forgotten because all he reads is English weblogs. There's actually a ton of Spanish weblogs, but I don't read fast enough in Spanish yet to try to keep track of them. These two seem very interesting, though, I must say, I haven't had much clue what Victor's been saying. He's really interested in Astronomy and writes about that mostly. Ever try to read about astronomy in a foreign language? (Actually, I'm sure Victor does every day. But for me it's a challenge. ;-)

I was thinking about starting a Spanish blog in addition to this one to help me practice my written Spanish - sort of like Adam Curry does with his English and Dutch blogs. But seriously, my written Spanish is a crime against all things hispanic, so I'll hold off on that for a while...


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