Spanish blogs redux

Both Victor and Pedro saw my post yesterday about Spanish blogs... Hey guys! Nice to know I'm being read! Siento que no estoy escribiendo mas en espa�ol... algun dia, seguro.

Victor responded both via email and on his website. He likes the Zope stuff for the templating engine, which I'm sure is great, but I'm looking for a Java solution. Both because I'm a lazy guy and have NO desire to learn another programming language ever and because I want to integrate it into my Journal project. I started playing with Velocity last night and didn't get very far... it's not that it's very difficult, but I'm wondering if that's the best option. It needs like 2 megs of supporting libraries and isn't perfect in the way I'll need to integrate into the app... we'll see. I need to play with it a bit more.

Also, it seems that Victor sleeps as little as I do! Here's his second message:

It's 6 AM here in Canary Islands, and I'm still reading your old posts. Now, I reached that dancing Spiderman. The mystery about the 'Aserej�' song was discovered in this post on Barrapunto.

Ahh. So that's the idea! The Song of Summer is a take off of "Rapper's Delight!" Rockin'! I get it now. But who made that Spider-Man graphic!? The quality of it is amazing... By the way, BarraPunto is the Spanish Slashdot. Sadly, it's not as popular as /., so I don't read it as much (thus making it less popular... life is like that...).

Victor also said on his blog that I need to make sure I tell him when my Spanish blog is up and running and we can start exchanging Spelling corrections. Great! It's a deal! ;-)


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