Here's my first (and probably only) attempt at a CamBlog! Thanks to John for the idea...

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Now that I've done that, I have this to say: STOP! Do not download my Java audioBlogging software any more. Go instead to the Real's Helix page and download the free Helix Producer Basic. This is a great app which will allow you to record your voice and or voice/video live for an unlimited time and make it into a small real media file for publication on the web. I'm definitely not a Real fan (they've got some lousy corporate practices), but hey, a good app is a good app, especially if it's open source (yes, I know, the codec's not...)

STOP again. The .rm stuff from the Helix app makes you download a new file from Real (probably just to tell them that you used Helix). AND I can't seem to download it and stream it, though it seems fine on my desktop. I have no idea what's going on. Maybe my server's mime types are screwing the pooch... I have to play some more.

Later... Okay, got it. 1) You need to make a .ram file which is just a text file which contains the http:// URL of the .rm file (which I did before) and 2) You need to put an extra line at the end of the URL. DUH!

How did I figure that one out? Well, an hour of RTFM and I found that I was doing everything right, so I decided it had to be something wacky. So I tried wacky stuff until I hit on the right one. Nothing but years of programming experience will tell you that adding an extra line will fix many a bug. ;-)


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