Thoughts on Audio Blogging...

Hmmm... the camblog file I just posted has problems... I should be able to stream over HTTP, but it doesn't seem to be, though I've made a RAM file and everything. Hmmm. I'll to play with it.

What's cool is that Howard Gilchrist is playing with audio blogging too! What's not cool, however, is it seems that Radio Userland won't let him upstream MP3 files. Huh? I just bought Radio for interop reasons, so I'll have to test it out.

Maybe someone can enlighten us... is this true? Dave, is this some sort of anti-piracy thing or is it just the default settings to make sure some newbie user doesn't accidentally upload all their files. Radio probably looks for just 'internet' files like html, gif and jpgs to make sure some bozo doesn't drop their Outlook mailbox in the upstreaming file for all to see... But I could be wrong...

Howard also emailed me with some of his thoughts on audio-blogging:

I always wanted an Internet app that let you gather up a bunch of community specific audio files off the net to listen to during the drive to work. Here in New Jersey alot of us drive over any hour to work.

FM/AM radio in the New York metro area has really gone down the tubes. Would be cool to listen to new audioblogs on the way to work, download new ones before leaving work and listen to some more on the way home.

Which are really similar to Quentin's ideas:

... the reason I wanted to do this was because it would have been another excuse to buy an iPod. Imagine an audio news aggregator, which would dump the audioblogs you'd subscribed to onto your iPod whenever you synched it. You could then peruse them using the nice iPod interface. A build-your-own radio station. And yes, it would be even better if real radio stations incorporated RSS-type subscription mechanisms. They should be less concerned about syndication than other online publications, because they would still be able to embed advertisments and jingles in the audio.

Quentin actually had thought of the audio blogging idea before which doesn't surprise me at all... I think all of us in the Internet space are constantly thinking up cool things to do. That's why I've got the new motto of "get it done" because I was sick of people coming up with the same ideas and doing something with them while I sat back and watched. No more!


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