The Family Has Arrived

My big brother has arrived in Madrid today for the big visit! He arrived this morning at 7:45. Ugh. I don't remember the last time I woke up that early. There's people everywhere... is it like that normally that time in the morning?

We checked him into the Melia Castilla hotel and then walked over to our apartment to check out the nephew. My brother has the touch with babies, boy! Bad touch that is... every time he picked up Alex he started crying (the baby, not my brother) like a nutcase. We can't figure out what it is... the way he's holding him, his deoderant, his beard... something. After some family time, Alex went down for a nap and Ana had a friend coming over for a visit before she went off for her vacation (Ana's friend, not Ana) so David and I hit the town... actually, we just went down to the where the museums are. First to the Reina Sofia but it was closed on Tuesdays... I've NEVER been because every time I try to go it's closed for some reason. Then because my brother's already seen the Prado we went to the Thyssen which isn't too bad. No "big" paintings per se, but interesting in general. My brother's a trooper. 12 hours on a plane from L.A. +9 hour time difference, but still he was into wandering around a Museum for 4 hours on his first day here and wanted more in the afternoon. I was dead. I AM dead. I'm going to bed prontisimo.

My parents arrive tomorrow morning at 11:20 from Boston. Then we start the REAL tour-stuff and I'm already dragging ass. Joy... like they say here: vaya vacaciones!.


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