The parents have landed

Less blogging... vacation's like that. My parent's arrived today at the worst hour, around 12 p.m. Of course my brother and I were waiting at the wrong gate, so they ended up having to call my cellphone so we could meet up. As soon as I saw them I could tell they had really bad luck on their flight. From what they told me, the plane from Boston was like a flying oven and the flight from London was like a cattle-car. They were wrecked. We ended up leaving them to rest in their hotel until 3:30 or so... Then we headed back over (the hotel is right next door to our apartment) for the big presentation of their grandson! It was great, they were so cute. I got it all on video. ;-)

We went to go eat at a really nice - and as it turns out insanely expensive - rice restaurant nearby. Ana and I had been there once before back when I had cash... I'll have to remember to update my mental list of great restaurants to go to with my new bank account. We got there kind of late which ended up being awesome because there was no one there and so we had a great table with lots of room for Alex's stroller, etc.

I have no idea where my son was all day. There WAS this baby with us, but I'm not sure who he was. He was happy, awake, giggling, relaxed, attentive, laughing, etc. For hours. He wasn't once fussy with my parents (unless my brother held him, then he cried like crazy. I love it.). My parents think he's the perfect baby... Which, of course, he is. But he was definitely on his best behavior today. A little gift for his parents. ;-)

We'll see how he fairs tomorrow. We're renting a van and trucking up to Segovia, a nice town with a big Roman aquaduct and a great castle among other things, and Salamanca an old university town. Alex hasn't been in a car for long stretches yet... Supposedly babies like cars, so we're hoping. But if he's unhappy it could be a long day tomorrow!

Goin' to bed!


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