Coffee here is generally really good. My parents hate it, but they like big karaffes of brownish water that sort of tastes like coffee. Here almost everything is espresso-derived, so it tastes strong. Strong is good. The cups are small too, which is good, because I get my water from a water bottle and my caffeine from a small cup of black goo. This all makes sense and is very harmonic. Very "ko".

However, I just noticed a drink called Bawls at ThinkGeek this morning. "The caffeine (80mgs in each 10 ounce bottle) is derived from the Guarana berry from the Amazon... The stimulating effects derived from Guarana frequently aren't associated with the kind of stomach discomforts and jitters associated with drinking too much java." Yeah baby. I gotta get me some of that.

Though, I think the caffeinated soap is going a bit too far... My wife thinks taking vitamins is some sort of weird American thing, I can't imagine bringing these bars of soap in the house. Besides, my parents just brought over 36 bars of Irish Spring. (They don't have that here. The Spanish sense of odor is a bit, ahem, different than the American one. Especially in the Metro... ugh.)


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