What was I doing again?

I feel like I had a labotomy not a vacation. I had a list of things to do at work (we're under a September deadline) and in my personal life, but now I can't seem to get a handle on things. I keep forgetting things or not noticing stuff.

Case in point. There's this really great orange juice machine in the basement here at work. It's filled with real oranges (you can see them through a window at the top) and for 75 Euro cents, you can push a button and it squeezes the juice for you into a cup. Fresh orange juice! Mmmm! This morning I went down there with a coworker who was going to have a smoke (of course) and a cup of coffee and I didn't notice that the machine was gone. The soda machine that was next to it had been moved over, so I just kept putting my money into the machine, staring blankly at the options - none of which were "freshly squeezed orange juice" - and then retrieving my money and wandering. I was trying to keep a conversation going in Spanish during all this which is why I probably didn't notice the first TWO times that the machine had disappeared.

I want my brain back...


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