The Plan

I gotta get back to studying for my J2EE Certification. Here's a previous post about it from March(!!!!). I'm posting this as a sort of incentive for myself to get the first test out of the way at least. It's a lot to do, and I'm really not sure if I'll be able to do it, but I need to get it done to update my resume.

The plan is this: Get the certification so that I can both keep my resume up to date with the latest technologies (J2EE + Web Services) and get my ass out of the hands-on programming side of things into the management/architect side and then use the Manywhere Journal as a way to boost my resume on Google. This blog is already the reason I'm getting calls here in Spain - it's bumped up my name quite a lot on Google. But I'm still on page 36 in Google for "Russell". That needs to get better.


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