Back into the flow

I didn't get a hell of a lot done last night, but responding to emails and posting my photos get a few things off my todo list, so that's good. We just had a meeting here at work which cleared up the next month of development... that's good because I was feeling a bit lost. It's hard to catch up when everything around you is in another language... everything takes two or three beeats longer than you think and there's always misunderstandings.

I just noticed that Mike the Rebelutionary has a link to me on his blog. Cool! Thanks! I read Mike's weblog daily because he's in Australia, so it's almost always updated by the time I get to work in the morning here in Madrid. He's a Java head too and I generally agree with him and learn things daily from his blog. From what I gather he may have lived in Boston - or is originally from that area, I'm not exactly sure. He used "wicked" on his weblog at least once... That definitely pegs you as an ex-New Englander... like myself you'll hear it pop out of my mouth every once in a while. Anyways, in general he's got a wicked awesome blog.

In his link, he mentions the MiniBlog that's running this site. Here's the response I put in his comments section.

Yes, the MiniBlog code is complete and utter crap and I'm the first to admit it. But it seems to be working, so I'm happy... I decided a while ago to stop procrastinating on the zillion projects I've got rolling around in my head and Just Get It Done (that's like a motto... it's why it's in caps). I figured since someone somewhere might think it's useful, I put it out there so they can grab it and use it as a base for their own stuff. Or even as an example of what NOT to do... ;-)

Mike and the David from the Roller were commenting on Dave's anti-open source rant. I can sorta see what he's talking about when he says that much of the OSS thing is really love of Unix - or anti-Microsoft. I definitely am going to be switching to Apple's OSX when I get a chance because I'm sick of MS and I don't think Linux is ready for prime time on a laptop. And OSX is based on BSD, so hey, it's at least the same family as an OSS OS. However, the rest of the crap he's saying is just a rant. He's transparent as hell. It's really wishful thinking... Dave's the owner of a small proprietary software company. Every day there is OSS software released that makes his job harder by raising the bar of what people will pay for. Obviously he's not going to be very supportive of OSS because of this. But hey, that's the good thing about Dave, I think, it's pretty obvious what his motives are. ;-)


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