A Live MiniBlog!

Woohoo! I just spotted a MiniBlog out in the wild! Niel Eyde just set one up today. COOL BEANS! It is definitely a nice sensation to see someone using your code.

He also commented about how unsophisticated it is... It's more than true. The code is quick-written crap. Most of the time I use Java like other people use scripting languages I think. It's so nice to see someone justify my Just Get It Done mentality though. MiniBlog was just what Niel was looking for he says on his site, it had all the main blog functionality, yet it wasn't very complex so he can customize it fit his needs. Perfect.

Crap! The only thing is that this code on my site and the MiniBlog is a bit out of sync - I fixed some bugs I found here and added a few new features. I'm going to correct that right now, post it and send it to him.


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