AmazAgent still running

I was just chatting with my blog-buddy Jim and I had a memory loss and couldn't remember who wrote "In a Sun Burned Country" about Australia. I was just about to go to and do a lookup there when I decided to see if AmazAgent is still running from when I started it a few weeks ago. And sure enough, I typed: "books in a sunburned country" and immediately got back a link to the book I was looking for. Answer: Bill Bryson (I knew that!) COOL!

Jim got a comment from Mark Pilgrim today... very cool. It's nice to see when your blog is being read by some of the "big" bloggers.

Today is Friday, thank goodness. Let's see if I can get some stuff done this weekend, because this week has been a total loss in the sense of programming. I'm feeling better today. The rest of the week I was just blocked. I would sit down and not know where to start and end up just reading blogs for 4 hours. I need to disconnect my ADSL cable and get some work done. ;-)


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