MiniBlog Update

Finally! MiniBlog's been updated!

Okay, so I took the code I am using for this site and made it more generic and popped into a self-containable web app like before... There's been lots of bug fixes, some of the new features Niel was looking for (search, titles, RSS), I separated out most of the code from the display page and put the passwords and stuff in the WEB-INF for better security, and I kept the code that I use on this site that lets the blog hit MySQL. Also, this version should be a bit more customizable by playing with the Moveable Type-derived styles.

It should just be a drop in replacement for the old code. To use the code, install it on your Java server, modify the globals.jspf page and you're good to go.

Anyone who's using this, definitely send me comments! I haven't had a chance yet to give it a thorough test (i.e. put the code on my own server) but I think it's okay. Tell me if it's not!



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