Spanish Insurance Coverage Exclusions

My wife Ana was reading through our medical coverage this morning and we found out that no matter where you go in life, insurance companies are pretty much slime.

This company is Adeslas, and they exclude, among 3 pages of other things:

Los da�os f�sicos que sean consequencia de guerras, motines, revoluciones y terrorismo - Translation: no support for wounds caused by wars, riots, revolutions or terrorism. This is the first item in the list, actually. This is Spain. Terrorism is part of daily life here... incredible.

La asistencia sanitaria del SIDA y de las enfermedades causadas por el virus de VIH. - Translation: no support for AIDS or sicknesses caused by HIV. Nice. I don't know what the deal is with this in the U.S., maybe it's common. But this was near the end of the list, obviously a late addition.

Toda clase de asistencia psicologica. Translation: If you need any type of psychological help, you're out of luck.

La asistencia sanitaria derivada de la realizacion de las actividades siguientes: Actividades a�reas, boxeo, artes marciales, escalada, rugby, espeleologia, submarinismo, h�pica, toreo y encierro de reses bravas. Translation - Nothing with planes, boxing, martial arts, climbing, rugby, caving, scuba diving, horse riding, or BULL FIGHTING.

I love that last one. Check your policy to see if you're prevented from bull fighting.


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