Mike the rebelutionary mentioned Jive in his post today about how to get people to contribute to a commercial Java project. Here's my thoughts... Don't do it the way that the guys at Cool Servlets/Jive Software did it: Release your code as open source, get lots of free press and maybe some contributed code, and then pull the source out from everyone by making it a commercial project. That's REALLY annoying. It's probably why they called the project Jive in the first place: "v. tr. Slang - To cajole or mislead., adj. Slang - Misleading; phony." .

Even though Jive has been closed source for a couple years now, they're still listed every where as open source. They even play on this by keeping this page intact for Google to find. Check Sun's website for example and you'll still read about it as open source. At this point it's purposeful and malicious bait and switch and I recommend to anyone I know not to use their product.

I actually went on a search, found a version of the forum before the closed sourced it and renamed it jBBS. You can find the jBBS code here. I actually didn't make any changes to the code other than rename it (which is fine under their original license, since I've kept the original copyright notices intact). I've been meaning to open up a Source Forge project and pop it up there so people can find it and use it if they want. I wasn't sure if anyone else had already done it or not.


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