MiniBlog and Java 1.4

Niel is testing out the new MiniBlog code and found some problems already (of course), because I just started using JDK 1.4 on my personal computer and hosting server. Oh oh. I knew this was going to happen. It's so easy to accidently insert a new method here or there that you can only find in v1.4. For example, I used Calendar.getTimeInMillis() which is a new method in the Calendar api. There's not any good reason to use this method the way I was using it, so including it only caused a bug for 1.3 users (i.e. almost everyone).

I like v1.4 because it includes a lot of stuff that is needed in Java, but I wonder how long it'll be before it's being widely used. I've bitched before about v1.4 because it breaks too much stuff... I didn't use it for quite a while because of this. But it is the next gen of Java and so I've now made the switch, but I wonder how many of my users like Niel are going to get burned by little things like this.

Anyways, I've made the decision already to write the Journal using Java 1.4, so I'll be able to see first hand soon what the response is.


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