Beautiful Hacks

Niel's got the new MiniBlog code up and running! Woohoo! Looks good if I do say so myself! ;-) He's even saying some nice things about the way I implemented the links section on the left side of the blog. As happy as I am that he thinks it's nice, it's really a hack. A good hack that saved me a bunch of time and effort editing the code, but a hack nevertheless.

I'm going to strip out that JDK 1.4 stuff and repost it now... I'm a bad, bad man. I'm still not using my own MiniBlog code and it's going to fork again. I just need to bite the bullet. But this code's been working for several weeks now, I'm just afraid to touch it!


P.S. I just noticed that Niel's RSS file points to Doh! Sending fixes to him now. Thanks for being the guinnie pig for MiniBlog!

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