SimpleWeb bugs

I'm starting to get some feedback on SimpleWeb. Pedro emailed to say that he'll volunteer to help me translate the menus (thanks Pedro!), but it looks like Fernando may already be doing it. I got an email from him this morning where he says "I've been through all the code to translate the front-end into Spanish as I want to use SimpleWeb as an Simple KnowledgeManagement Tool for Spanish coworkers. Thinking of separating all messages and on screen instructions from the code..." Cool - I hope he passes back his translated version! The separation of the code and language is definitely the next step (i18n). Otherwise you end up maintaining two separate code bases. Fernando also found some bugs with the upload servlet and the forgotten.jsp page. I'll check these out tonight and repost the code.

Mike got a chance to take a deeper look the code and decided that parts of it were "damned ugly!" ;-) Yep, I'd be amazed if it wasn't. He also gave me good feedback and tips: "Relying on the servlet temp directory to store database is very, very bad - some containers will clean the directory when redeploying the app - database go poof! Oh and I had to patch it to get it working. getServletContext() is not a valid method in JSP, it's config.getServletContext(). Damn you crappy Tomcat users!" Cool - I'll take a look at this and clean it up again. I didn't realize either of the above.

Mike also requested a Radio-like wysiwyg HTML editor and I totally agree with him. I'm working on an Applet to do that right now using the Swing HTML editor API to be used primarily in the Journal and both on the SimpleWeb and the MiniBlog. The problem with the way that Userland does it is IE-only and I'm a Moz user... Maybe I'll check out the Thinlet stuff that Mike's been playing with He created an RSS Viewer in about an hour with it... Nice!


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