Good Thursday!

Oh boy! It's a long weekend starting today here in Spain so I'm planning on taking this next few days and working on the Journal. I'm hoping by Sunday I can have a prototype up and running to show to the world. I want to have a decent version running by the end of August, but we'll see. So watch this space. I'm going to try to post less, work more and just get it done.

I may have to do one small administrative detail before I get down and dirty and to work. My Dell ("Dude, I've never seen the dude commercials!") is having keyboard issues. The left shift and control keys are not working AGAIN! I don't understand why. This is after I did surgery on them a few weeks ago. Ever try to program when your shift and control keys are working sporadically? It's a pain in the ass, believe me. My wife isn't using her twin Lattitude much, and we've been thinking about selling it before it loses all value so I may steal it's keyboard first... but it has a Spanish keyboard... which is the same as I use from work, so no big deal. I just change the layout and NEVER LOOK DOWN (good thing I can touch type).

Okay, a small post in my Spanish blog, and then I'm off and running!


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