Victor just set up an English language weblog! And since my Cuaderna is using his system over at Blogalia, he's using my MiniBlog system. He ran into quite a few bugs setting it up due to problems with Locale and some bad code I left in there from hard-coding time values... He and I debugged together and he discovered all the errors (because of course everything was working fine on my system) and he even implemented the fixes... this is all the more impressive since he's just starting out with Java!

He even found a parentId field in the database and was starting to make fixes to the code to prepare it for the comments! I gotta get this code up on CVS so smart guys like Victor can make changes and then just commit them into the code!

Okay, now that we both have two blogs, we have to keep them updated. Let's make a bet... Two months from now (Oct. 15) we'll see how many times your blog in English has been updated and how many times my Spanish blog has been updated. The winner gets a case of Bawls sent to them! What do you think?

Later... "Ok! You will wish not to bet against me!!" Woohoo! It's a bet!


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