Day 1

Good morning sports fans. Well, I decided last night to start the Atkins today. I've sort of been in a bad mood all morning not being able to have my toast, orang-juice and coffee to start my day. I love my morning OJ. I've known for a while that all it does is pump up my blood sugar first thing in the morning which is what is exactly what they say causes me to snack all day. But I miss it. I'm in mourning.

Anyways, after grumping about how this "stupid new diet" works is that you can't find anything you want to eat so you starve, I finally prepared myself bacon and eggs (luckily we had those on hand) and a 1/2 tomato. The tomato is supposedly a bad thing (no carbs!) but I can't imagine just yet eating basically only meat products at every meal just yet. I'll add it to my daily carb total and feel better.

So after I'm done eating, not feeling a whole bunch better, I get this email from my new blog-pal Pedro:

I have been in an Atkins diet for the last four weeks. I started at 88 Kg and now I weight 80.8 Kg. My first goal is <80 and after that 75 at most.

It really works. And actually, it's a very easy to maintain diet. Sara is doing it too, and it's working for her too.

Are we eating too much fat? Maybe, so I'll have my blood checked in a couple of weeks. But anyway, they claim that even eating much more fat (because if reduces hunger) your cholesterol level lessens. We'll see. If that's is the case, I'll be a happy man :-)


WOW! Can you believe that? Just what I needed this morning!!! That's awesome. I feel a ton better already just knowing that someone I know is both using the system and getting real results from it. ROCKING! Thanks Pedro!

Okay, so here's my weight: 104 kilograms. That's 228.8 pounds (x2.2). Yep, that's WAAAY outside my comfort zone. When I got to Spain I was around 215-220. (I'm 6"2' tall by the way in case you're now picturing this small very round man in your head ) which was still too much for me, especially since everything says I'm supposed to weigh in around 185 (they're nuts). If I could lose what Pedro lost and get back down to the weight I had when I first got to Spain, I'd be a lot happier. Down to 200 pounds (90 kg) and I'd be stylin'.

I'm also going to get off my ass and do some exercise too. But since I want this to work I'm not going to push it and start running like crazy and then lose interest 2 days later. Just getting off my ass will be a good place to start. 14 hours a day in front of the computer isn't doing anything except expanding my middle area and alienating my wife.

Wish me luck!


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