MiniBlog development

I'm moving at a snail's pace today... I'm trying to do too many things at once without a sugar high or caffeine buzz to help me along. :-(

Victor took the MiniBlog code off of it's new SourceForge site and modified it a bit to fix some Locale problems and THEN he added comments! Woohoo! He sent the code to me last night and I just had a chance to integrate it in and upload it to the CVS server and made a zip of it to download from here (eventually that too will be on the SourceForge server).

This is really great. Also this morning, Pedro asked if he could be a developer on the project too, which is awesome. So many things to do, it's cool to have some people helping the project out.

A couple things: 1) I decided to use the MIT license because I couldn't figure out how to modify the Apache one. They're basically the same except that Apache's says Apache all over the place and MIT has a space for me to put my name and copyright, though keeping everything open source.

Secondly, anyone have any good systems for Ant development. Maven bewilders me and isn't particuarly basic (I'm in a keep it simple mode). The problem right now is that my projects are 1 of three types: Web projects or Application projects or combo projects where there's a bit of everything: JSP, Servlets, Appcode, etc. The build.xml files I've got now have been created by me and cleaned to a decent point, but keeping track of the different types of projects means that I end up changing the build files here and there, which means I have like 8 different build files and it's driving me nuts. Is there some sort of stand method of using Ant method out there that anyone knows of?


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