Day 2

Good morning (afternoon?)

Day 2 on the diet - had some more eggs and bacon this morning. I'm sort of clueless what to eat for breakfast... But according to the atkins, I can't skip it so I'm eating 1950s style... weird.

Yesterday sucked. Today's not shaping up much better. ;-) I spent all day without energy or the ability to concentrate very well and then I got a caffeine-deprivation headache (I get these by accident when I don't drink coffee all day for some reason). Great. So finally at 4 a.m. I decided enough was enough and popped a few Excedrin - which cured the headache, but just made sure I'll get a rebound headache this evening (or today... I can still feel it there a little bit).

I mentioned the diet on my Spanish blog and got some comments about how it's better to not play with diets and just change my form of living and get some excercise. You know what? Duh! You're not telling me anything I don't already know. But that hasn't happened, so I'm on a weird trendy diet instead. I just need to lose a few pounds so I can start the cycle moving in reverse, because the way things are going now I'm eating more and moving less every day. I'm hoping I can get slam on the breaks here, drop a few pounds, feel a bit better and keep moving in that direction.

The quantity of sugar I eat on a daily basis (ate?) is astounding. And though it seems obvious, I really had no idea that cutting out the sugar was going to wack me this badly. It makes sense of course but wow. I mean I sorta considered myself pretty viceless... I don't smoke, I rarely if ever drink, etc. Obviously I'm horribly addicted to sweets and now I'm feeling the ever so fun symptoms of withdrawal. And yep, they suck.

Ana's suggesting that we go to a doctor because my relationship with sugar is so strong that maybe I'm borderline diabetic. She definitely has a point, but I'm going to wait a few days to see if these horrible feelings subside (it's a good thing it's been a long weekend here) and then make decisions. Besides, doctors always lean to the most cautious they possibly can be. I've been trying to get my nose fixed so I can breathe correctly for years, but the doctors always want me to do other things first (Try this spray. Sleep like this. Lose some weight. Etc.) 90% of Doctors are bozos anyways so I'll hold off on that for now. (Lesson learned when I was put on ulcer medicine for a year to treat my gallstones something a non-intrusive ultrasound can detect in 30 seconds).

Woof. Okay, focus! I want to get some stuff done today!


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