Adam (Dawg) is here!

Wow! Out of the blue one of my old coworkers/pals just arrived here in Madrid! That's quite a long ways to go to "just be in the neighborhood!". I've mentioned Adam before, he's the young programmer I used to work with at Kinecta. He was always a riot. A serious "head" he worked on the Seti at Home project before working with us and did all of his Java programming using nothing but VI. But he's not just a geek... several months after I got here, I got an email from him - he was in New York or somewhere protesting a G8 meeting or somesuch and was bummed because he didn't get himself arrested... Gotta love it.

I'm sort of afraid - he's a young guy here in Madrid for the next few days and I've got both work and the baby so it's not like I have a lot of time to spend with him... I sorta feel bad - but he timed his visit horribly! The past few days were completely free!

Anyways, he's stopping by in an hour or so to meet the fam and we're going to go get some tapas (all protein of course) and chat. It should be amusing.


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