Ray Ozzie's gone off on a tangent about his favorite new digital camera. My camera is the Canon digital Elph and I think it's great. Small, easy to use, decent resolution, etc.

Honestly, I don't think I'll be buying another digital camera anytime soon. I'm waiting for convergence, really. Very, very soon we're going to see all the little electronics in the same device, and personally I can't wait:

  • Mobile phone
  • PDA
  • Multimedia: MP3s, etc.
  • Digital Camera / Video Camera
  • Game Boy

All with a massive hard drive like the iPod and 3G/Bluetooth/802.11 connections. It'll be your world. You'll take it to work and plop it next to your terminal and it'll have all the data you want on it communicated to the PC wirelessly. It'll have room to store every conversation you make, every picture you take, videos, all the programs you can think of, etc.

It's not going to be long before one of THESE is standard for everyone. IBM already is working on something just like it. Everything's getting smaller, it's just a matter of time before it's all in the same box in your hand.


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