Convergence Redux

Ooh. It looks like Apple might be getting back into the PDA game with a mobile/PDA combo: iPhone. I think it's been obvious since the iPod came out that Steve is looking at other things. The iPod was just a test to see if they could make a profit from a high-end consumer device. Especially one that promoted the Mac as the "digital hub."

From the NYT: "We decided that between now and next year, the P.D.A. is going to be subsumed by the telephone," [Jobs] said last week in an interview. "We think the P.D.A. is going away."

That to me makes perfect sense. Spain's not Japan, but when 32 million people (out of 40 million) have mobile telephones you can start to see trends popping out as people integrate the telephones into their every day lives. Using your phone for addresses, calendaring and more is the way things are done here. Actually, my wife loves her Palm, but I hate mine. I like the IDEA of my palm, but I never got into the habit of using it. She only uses it for addresses and appointments, as soon as we get two seconds, we're going to get her a better mobile which will do all this and she can ditch her Palm like everyone else here!

The Register is suggesting that there may be a collaboration between Sony-Ericsson and Apple on the phone. This is pretty obvious if you saw the kissy-face presentation between the two companies at the last keynote where Apple prominently displayed the T68i with Bluetooth.

Interesting thoughts all around, actually. It's going to be cool to see what Apple finally produces.


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