Day 6

The diet is still going good. Lost over 1/2 a kilo yesterday (more than a pound). It was kinda cool this morning to see the scale just below the 101 mark. That was just neat - I was surprised the scale is still moving. When I break 100 I'm going to have a celebration - maybe some Jello.

I've also started to become an Atkins evangelist... a diet without being hungry! Woohoo! I haven't been hungry since day one. I've never really done a real diet before. I've gone to the store and said "today I start my diet" and bought tons of diet foods and low fat crap which lasted all of 4 days before I just went back eating like normal. Last night I was mowing on some Serrano Ham and celery sticks liberally dunked in cream cheese thinking "THIS is a diet?" Oh! I also discovered that one of my favorite foods here in Spain is eatable on this diet: Gazpacho!! Yes! It's all just Tomato, cucumbers, onions, etc. And there's a brand of pre-made Gazpacho you can buy (it comes in a container like OJ) that doesn't have any sugar or stuff added. PERFECT.

Starting to understand why people (thanks Randy) suggest lots of water and fiber. I actually got a hint yesterday morning and bought some fiber drink last night (with only 3 grams of carbs) but hasn't kicked in just yet. I was worried at first about the fiber containing too many carbs, but I did some reading and it seems that it's a special type of carbo that passes through your body, helps you go, and cleans up your digestive system along the way. Cool...


Later... here are some comments I got before:

With Atkins, make sure you get lots and lots of fiber. And drink lots and lots of water. I can't stress that enough. Especially the fiber part. Don't make me elaborate. *cough cough*
--Posted by Randy

Yes, fiber is important, if you don't know why, you soon will. Also eat lots of fat, for the same reason. This is completely contradictory to the north american diet industry... but you will lose weight to th e tune of a pound a day. I personally lost 30 lbs in 30 days. Then you can go back to eating some carbs, but not nearly what you used to eat.
-- Posted by Dave Cramer

Trust me guys, I'm taking your advice to heart! THANKS! -R

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