I got this link of off Scripting News, Megnut is talking about some random things and then she notes that this morning the sun wasn't as high up in the sky:

I got up a bit earlier today than usual and noticed the sun wasn't yet shining into the living room -- it was still hanging low, behind the houses across the street. Quite suddenly, I experienced that pang of "summer's over," as I realized how the days have already grown shorter and images of dark cold winter flooded my mind. Of course, winter in California is neither that dark nor that cold. Growing up in New England must (weather) scar one for life.

Having grown up in New England, I know how exactly she feels. The days here in Madrid are going to turn cold really quickly. I've been here for the past two years (this is my third) and it's still incredible to me how fast the vacation summertime of August turns into chilly evenings of September. As nuts as it sounds, even though it's still in the upper 30s/90s here in Madrid, I'm already loathing the oncoming cold and winter. I can feel it coming... California's calling me again. ;-)


P.S. You know, my blogroll doesn't contain a single woman blogger... I need to change that.

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