Jaguar Love

Ben Hammersley just got OSX 10.2 Jaguar in this morning, he's very excited about it.

Jaguar arrived.

It takes an hour to upgrade.

First impressions: Oh My. I may need a lie down.

UPDATE: Ok, five minutes in, what do we have? Faster GUI, check. Better antialiasing, check. Rendevous - chat with other people on your network, check. builtin firewall, check, turn your powerbook into a 802.11 base station, check, spring-loaded-folders check, iChat - oooh check, little app icons on the minimised windows in the dock, check, randomly change wallpaper every x minutes, check.

oh dear. I'm getting all wobbly.

Man I'm so jealous. I am SOOOOO switching to a Mac as my next computer.


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