Niel Eyde is playing with Struts/Tiles and the MiniBlog!

...I started converting MiniBlog into a proper web application using Struts and Tiles.

Considering I started today, I have made a lot of progress. I don't have all the functionality finished, but I tackled the tough ones first. I took a few shortcuts along the way, and I will need to go back and polish it up. It's kind of neat, because other than the URLs....you would have no idea that the implementation of MiniBlog has changed. It looks identical.

Very, very cool. But with Struts, the MiniBlog isn't very Mini any more now is it? Niel will have to think up another decent name for it and if he open sources it, I'll pop it up on SourceForge's CVS...

I'm holding back on developing on the MiniBlog (or anything else for that matter) because of the Journal - which is only like MiniBlog in the sense that it's a also blogging tool. The development I'm doing is also using Struts but with Velocity to do most of the heavy lifting. In case Mike gets on me about using WebWork, I think I'm going to stick with Struts because of the resume enhancing potential, but I do have to say that WebWork makes a bit more sense to me than Struts.


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