In the spirit of total and utter procrastination, I've been looking at XML-based UI generators like Luxor, JellySwing and Thinlets, playing with WebStart (very cool) and reorganizing my blogroll. It's now HUGE. Too huge. Anyone who doesn't update regularly from now on gets wacked, I can't read all that every day, I'll go nuts.

I did wander by this cool site in my latest blog meanderings: The Morning News. I really like the design. I haven't even read it yet in detail, but it's already got me by it's clean and simple layout. Contrast that to the cluttered design and horrible bloodly logo of VampHQ. God knows why geeks have no sense of asthetics... Why work on a cool project that's very functional and interesting and give it a horrible name and a repulsive website? It's mind boggling, actually. Reminds me of "Fink" for OSX... what a name.


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