Day 10

Good morning(?)... well it's more like afternoon. Though here in Spain it's not officially afternoon until after you eat lunch. Which makes some weird conversations during the midday as some people are still saying "good morning" and others have automatically switched to "good afternoon" since they've eaten already.

Well, I finally cracked 100kg! The first 4 kilos were easy and fast, but now the weight loss is taking some time. I'm down to 99.5kg/219lbs. Nice! I went for another run on Friday (did I say that already?) and it was really good. I'm going to go for another today. The weather in Madrid has started turning already... so it's muuuuch cooler than it was, which is perfect to start running more regularly and earlier.

So at this rate, it seems like I'll only be able to lose a few more pounds by friday, which puts me in the middle range of metabolic-resistance. That's too bad, I was hoping to burn like 6kg/12lbs by Friday! But hey, I feel better and that's really the most important. I really want to get down to below 90kg/200lbs. Maybe if I keep running, that'll happen sooner. Sit ups too. Gotta lose this gut!


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