Mozilla IE Skin

Wow. This is actually pretty cool. I was just checking out Blogzilla (The Mozilla weblog) and found this link to the Mozilla IE Skin. It's really well done - it's identical to Internet Explorer in all ways. Mail looks like Outlook Express, the address book and composer (which looks like FrontPage Light or whatever that thing was called).

Now I know it seem sort of evil to do this to Mozilla, but I sorta like the the consistency of my browser looking like the rest of my Windows apps. Besides, I used IE from 1996 until October 2001... so that's a good five years of being used to the UI... Though I have to admit it's weird being back using this one. Anyways, it's a job well done. It'll be perfect to use to switch reluctant IE users from MS to Moz.

Well, we'll see how long this theme lasts... I do feel sorta dirty, but it actually takes up less room at the top of my page than Mozilla's default theme... hmmmm.


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