Straits of Gilbralter Bridge

Steve Pilgrim, over at his Rodent Regatta weblog noted a program about the proposed bridge over the 8 mile span of ocean between Spain and Morroco.

Last night I watched a Discovery channel show about the Gibraltar Bridge, a 9 mile (conceptual) bridge design that might one day link Europe to Africa. With towers 3000 feet high and structural challenges never before solved, the bridge would cost an estimated $15 billion and would be the largest construction project ever.

Very interesting. I wonder if anyone's talked to Spain about that? Living here and can guarantee you that there aren't very many people that would be too excited about a bridge to Morroco. Spain is the gateway to the rest of Europe for many Africans looking to take advantage of the bigger economies here and it's doing what it can to keep the Africans out of the continent (and gets extra monies from the EU for it).

Right now Spain is in the process of setting up motion detectors and other electronic systems ala the U.S./Mexico border to keep out the small boats that constantly try to make the voyage. Bad weather and you're dead... the currents are notoriously horrible... which makes sense if you think about the dynamics of an eight-mile span separating two huge bodies of water. I've been to the carribean and I can attest to the horrible waves just between islands during decent weather. I can't imagine what crossing the Straights of Gilbralter must be like.

Anyways, I know the world's becoming a global village, but there's a strong anti-moorish sentiment here in Spain (that's only, what, like 1000 years old). My son might see a project like this complete (when he's a granddad) but we sure won't.


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