AudioBlog Redux

It looks like Adam Curry finally got around to discovering AudioBlogging.

The best time to start is always the present, so I'm going to start audio-blogging for a while, develop some of the functionality I need, and see if this goes anywhere. Seems to me you don't have to be a professional to read your own words. It will probably even make my writing better.

I don't think he saw my email or my posts about it, I think thought it up by himself - which goes to show what I'm always saying about internet development. If you're thinking of some cool idea, there's 12 other people who are having that same thought and 6 of them started working on it last week.

Adam's got an interesting take on the idea, however, is to write your posts, and then read it out loud, that way some people can read it and those who want to can upload the file to their iPods or something. That's some work, but it wouldn't be too bad.


Later... after exchanging messages with Adam on his message board, it looks like he did see my email and my posts! Cool... what he's doing is definitely different than what I was doing, but it's nice to know I might have given him some new ideas along the way.

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