Day 12

Diet's suck. I'm sick of this one already. I want to eat pasta and bread dammit! (I just got back from a lunch at an Italian place. Torture!) I did just about hit 99kg this morning, but I'm still not there yet. I also went running last night, which was good, but every direction from my house is down, so coming back's a killer.

Peter's got some good advice to help my burgeoning bathroom scale obsession... Four words that will banish the "semi-random bathroom scale reading"-blues forever: exponentially smoothed moving average. Yeah! That's sort of geek talk I like. He suggested reading The Hacker's Diet but I already have. Well sorta. After the first 100 pages or so I got pretty bored of over-analytical diet talk and was wondering where the diet was. Boiled down, it was: Eat less, exercise more. Which in general is sound advice, but I'm a believer in Doc Atkins assertion that it's not the calories that count, but the carbos. Reduce the carbos, reduce the weight. Which is what I'm doing, but man it's taking time now!


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