Java in Turkey

Hey, check this out. Kief isn't just some guy in Turkey, he's also a Java head too and has some good thoughts on the Struts vs. WebWork debate from a standards viewpoint.

There is a gap in the Java world, between the JSR standards issued by Sun and the best practice tools coming especially out of the open source movement...

The problem is that Sun is in a frenzy to make sure there are Java standards to cover everything under the, err, sun, so they're turning out a lot of garbage standards. Meanwhile the open source community is cranking out their own solutions developed from experience in the trenches, and these are increasingly diverging from the party line. JSP sucks, EJB is generally unnecessary, the Sun logging standard totally ignores the battle-tested log4j, and the list is growing.

The split is not total. The Jakarta project lives in the gap between, for every Jakarta log4j which is ignored by the CSR there is a Jakarta Struts, which is evolving into Sun canon. Of course it helps that Struts' McClanahan is a prominent engineer at Sun, while Log4j's G�lc� is not.



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