Links Redux

Quickly, so I don't spend all night blogging...

Pedro's still losing weight on the Atkins - he just passed 80kg, woohooo! go Pedro!

Scott wants me to fix my blog's font sizes, and I can see his point. But I hate messing the .css code. I can spend all night doing it. I'll see what I can come up with. However, to turn the tables, Scott needs a new design on his home page because I keep getting it mixed up with The Desktop Fishbowl... ;-) You're a famous blog-author now, Scott! You need a unique design!

Wow! Blogging Roller posted a link to the Java based SnipSnap Weblog AND Wiki software. Neato... I was trying to figure out how to fuse the two things together, but wasn't sure on exactly how. I'll have to check out this code (it's GPLed).

Niel has expanded his thoughts on his choice of MVC frameworks - and it's all about the tools, basically. I agree. I want to work with a technology that I know will be around for a while and be supported by a large user base and eventually tools. No reason to do everything by hand if you don't have to.

Kief, however, disagrees and says it's about the best technology. (Later... nope he doesn't. See the comments.)

Raible added some important information to my Mozilla tip about tab-group bookmarks. Namely, how to actually do it: "To use it, it's very easy: 1. Open all your favorites sites using tabs. 2. Go to "Bookmarks" and "Bookmark this group of tabs...". Thanks! I should have written that before! I may have made it sound more complicated than it is...

James Strachan gave me some good advice about Eclipse and pointed out some other projects that use XML to define the Swing UI. I'm going to write about my experiences with Eclipse after I spend a bit using it. I've downloaded some of the plugins that looked good (XMLBuddy, Easy Struts) and am on the lookout for more. I may also ADD that 256 megs of RAM I was talking about before so that I don't have that artificial limitation in my choice of IDES...

I didn't realize the Textism guy is an Expat blogger too. Rockin. (Kick ass site design, too.).

Okay. I'm out.


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