Day 14

Wow. Two weeks on this diet, I can't believe I've stuck it out that much. Well, yes I can. I've never been hungry a day since I started, I'm dropping weight, feeling better about myself, my skin's even clearing up. I mean, hey, who knew? I've seen some people mention it on their weblogs, and all I can say is "give it a try." After three days if you hate the diet and haven't lost weight, go back to normal...

Like I linked to last night, Pedro's still dropping weight, which is awesome and so am I. The scale was just below 99 today (I could see the hash mark quite clearly), so say 98.75? That's cool. I can live with losing .25 kilos a day... I think this would be more satisifying if I was using an American scale with pounds... I could see the progress a lot more clearly!

I didn't get to run last night - Ana and I went out to dinner with a coworker Emilio who's here from Valencia for this project and just happened to be staying at a hotel nearby the house. I'll go out running tonight, because we're spending the weekend at my in-laws in Puertollano so I won't be able to then. But seriously, I haven't had this much desire to run for years. I'm dying to get off my ass again!


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