Why I Blog

Here's a good response to Sam Gentile's bored of blogging post.

During the course of 6 months of blogging, I've "met" several MORE people that are much smarter than I am. I see how they respond to other people's postings. I read their comments. I learn from them. Their comments drive me to learn more. And then to give back, I post here. Hoping that I can inspire someone else. Hoping that a comment generated from my entry will drive me down a new path. I learned that Robert Frost's poem The Road Not Taken is very applicable to technology. I have to look at all pathes and decide which one is right for me.

Yep, that about says it all for me. I'm learning a ton by blogging. Christ, I'm losing weight because of blogging. And I really like the community that I can see forming already (people I linked to originally getting linked to by others...). This is fun stuff. I wouldn't waste my time doing it if I didn't enjoy that daily feeling of "what I'm going to discover today?"


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