Home Alone

Ana had a death in the family so she and Alex are down in her home town for the weekend with her family and I'm pulling a "Rodriquez" here at home until tomorrow evening when I'll go down to meet them (work calls). We've got a really small apartment and as much as I bitch about not having 2 minutes of quiet time to do some work, it's WAAAAY too quiet now. We haven't slept apart since our wedding night and only once for a year before that, so this sorta sucks.

I'm watching Romeo y Julieta on television right now - the modern one with deCaprio. I actually own it on DVD... but it's just sorta on, so I'm watching it. The language they use is pretty much normal Spanish and not the 16th century kind found in, say, Cervantes. That's not good! The best part of that movie - which I really like - is to see/hear the juxtaposition of modern images with an ancient way of speaking. They really should have gone back to like the first translation of Shakespeare and used that.

A little known fact is that Cervantes and Shakespeare lived at the same time and surely knew of each other. They died the same exact day. Pretty cool, huh?


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