SimpleWeb Trial

Cool! Niel's trying out SimpleWeb.

Unlike other wiki's that I've examined in the last few days, SimpleWeb uses html tags to markup the content. Initially I thought it was cumbersome, but atleast it's a markup language that I already know. I can't handle learning new tags to do in the same things that can be easily done with html tags.

As I add more and more content to SimpleWeb, I am concerned about the performance. If worse comes to worse, the SimpleWeb data model is very simple, and the data can be easily converted to other Wiki's.

The SimpleWeb HTML-subset markup was actually the result of real-world feedback I got by using the code on I had a more traditional wiki-markup before but after a while some people complained that they didn't feel like messing with YAML (yet another...) and after I suggested using a Slashdot-like HTML-subset, they thought it was a good idea. I'm actually very happy with it. Like I said on that forum, my Mom recognizes HTML now, so why not? And when I finally get my Swing-based HTML-editor written (some fine day) it'll slip in there perfectly.

As for performance... well, are you still using the included HSQLDB? I have no idea really how that will scale. (But there is a new version just out) I rely on MySQL for the heavy work on my site. Or are you talking about the every so wonderful RegEx hack-o-rama method that produces the pages? Well... that could be redone using some other method, but so far I haven't run into any major problems with it. You'll have to keep me updated on the code's weak points.

But use another Wiki? Naaaah. The other wiki's are weird.


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