Day 15

Two weeks down. I'm now reading the AtkinsCenter site to figure out where to go from here. The scale (just barely) touched 98kg this morning, which means I lost 6kg/13.2lbs in two weeks so I'm definitely in the low-resistant category on the Atkins scale. Cool... maybe that'll mean I can get down lower with less effort! Yeah. I used to be a skinny guy, it'd be nice to get back to that.

Didn't go running last night. I got trapped in a marketing meeting at 5 last night for 2 1/2 hours. Unbelieveable. Got home late and moped because my family wasn't there. This weekend should be interesting... we'll see how Ana's conservative family reacts to my "weird American diet."


Later... I just found this weight chart which I think is a good guide, but a little extreme. I mean to be in the middle of the green for my height, I would need to drop another 20kg/40lbs. I'm not THAT overweight. But to just touch the green, I need to drop 10kg/22lbs which is more reasonable. That's actually my goal that I had already, so I guess it makes sense. At first I wasn't doing my math right (converting feet to inches) and REALLY freaked (I thought I was 72 inches not 74, doh!).

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