Miss me?

I'm back. I'm just getting warmed up, checking emails, blogs, etc. But I needed to blog first just to get it out of my system. It was actually pretty nice to be offline for a day or so (48 hours? oh my).

I started reading another book in Spanish, a book I read in English back when I was really into SciFi in High School. It's a Shadowrun book called something like "Never Deal with Dragons" or something like that. It's pretty good. Very 1990s pre-internet view of "la matriz" etc. I wouldn't really know if it's badly written or not being in Spanish but it's entertaining at least.... Rip off Gibson, throw in some Tolkien and mix up some Native American folk-tales and there you have it. Even though it's sort of a "generic fantasy" book where there's a formula (originated for the RPG which I owned - probably still do own in a box at my parent's place) there's some good stuff contained within. The idea that corporations are becoming a power that surpass governments. In the process of human organization first there were cities, then church, then state, now corp.

The book has been setting off weird chains of thought about computing, etc. which are pretty good - I'll have to expand on them when I get a chance later.


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