Day 18

Okay, so the daily diet progress might be getting a bit stale for the weblog. I think I'll start going weekly or bi-weekly as opposed to every day. Or maybe I'll just wait for specific milestones... At this point it's just a struggle to maintain discipline and not slip back to eating all the stuff I want to eat. Not really all that interesting to read about.

This weekend I gained a 1/2 a kilo. This isn't surprising to me - my mother in law took "can't eat breads, pastas or rice" to meaning that I needed to eat four times the portions of everything else. She also kept offerering me breads and rices and then "remembering" that I couldn't eat those things after everyone started screaming (usually not me)... It was driving me nuts by yesterday when she put three breasts of chicken on my plate, offered me the rice then when I said no, ran off into the kitchen and prepared me a huge egg-onion-zuchinni scrambled-egg "revuelto" which probably had more carbos in it than the rice. What part of I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT didn't she understand? It's amazing how someone can say "hey you look great, I can really tell the weight loss" and then offer you a ice cream in the same breath.

Ugh. I'll go running tonight and hopefully get back on track. I'm just hoping a lot of that weight is just meat products sitting in my colon waiting to be digested... Christ.


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